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The Company


Founded in 1992 by Mihai Mantescu and Pernevan Dumitru GM&T IMPEX SRL, started with very limited resources but with big enthusiasm, as we are both Aircraft engineers basically Mechanical Engineers, we have decided to start with manufacturing mechanical aluminum and steel structures for civil customers (doors, windows and others alike) based on the fact that we had a lot of experience in aluminum parts manufacturing. Before the Revolution (1989, December), we have been actively involved in the manufacturing of all aluminum Frames for “THE HOUSE OF PEOPLE”- the second-largest administrative building after the Pentagon, today the Parliament of Romania.

As the business grew, in 1999 we have been able to finish our building (including offices) and to move into our new location.

Under these circumstances in the year 2000, we decided to move forward, founding GM&T INTERNATIONAL 2000 S.A., especially for aviation and high-tech activities.

Open Space Office

The Team

Mihai Mantescu

  • Aircraft engineer – more than 35 years experience in Aviation

  • Chief Engineer in ROMAERO S.A. (Romanian Aircraft factory based in Bucharest)

  • Chief engineer with JARO INTERNATIONAL – the first private company which operated its own aircraft.

  • 1999-to date: Managing Director GM&T Experience in both OEM and Maintenance.

Dumitru Pernevan

  • Aircraft engineer – more than 30 years experience in aviation

  • Detail shop Manager in ROMAERO S.A. (Romanian Aircraft Factory based in Bucharest)

  • 1994-to date, Technical & Production Director GM&T.

Liliana Comana

  • Economist – more than 35 years of experience in aviation

  • Responsible for the economic administration of Detail Shop in Romaero

  • Responsible for the economic aspects in the technical department of JARO INTERNATIONAL

  • Member of GM&T Management team, acting first as Operations Manager, in 2014 she was appointed as the Commercial Director, and since 2016 as the Sales and Marketing Manager


Let's prepare our company for the
25th years anniversary!



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